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Going solar qualifies your home or business for limited-time State rebates and Federal tax credits that can save up to 50% on your installation costs.


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www.Permits.Solar prepares permits, and designs solar systems for homes, businesses, commercial buildings and solar farms.  

As a free service, we will recommend and coordinate up to 3 local certified PV Solar Installation firms for independent quotes on installation.  More quotes means more options - like financing, price and quality.  

Permits.Solar, provides a free service to you by providing solar consulting for the best design possible.  We research local solar installation companies to assess their quality of performance as well as the quality of their solar products.  Our permit services are optional.


To begin, use this form to email us basic information.  We will use satellite imagery and irradiance maps to determine your solar planning.  We will reply with an initial analysis and recommendations.

If you own your home, the Federal government offers a 30% tax break.  Your State may offer other tax breaks or incentives.  

Some states offer assistance in financing, but most do not.  Regardless, speak to your bank or mortgage company for better finance options.  A lease or finance option may lower your monthly utility bill, however, over the entire length of the contract, you will save more money if you had purchased outright.



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Solar panel installations must follow all local and national building and electrical codes.

Our permitting and design services may save you time and money by starting your PV Solar project right the first time.